Transportation network

Uniquely efficient & spatially comprehensive

Highly interconnected:

transportation of refrigerated and deep frozen products

Making use of our 4 goods distribution centers and 12 bases all across Austria, we process 645,000 deliveries to 7,800 delivery points annually. We pick & pack 157,000 tons and transport 250,000 tons of refrigerated or frozen foods per year with advanced temperature-controlled vehicles ensure uninterrupted cold chains

We continuously invest in our transportation network in order to offer our customers the best services available: efficient and sustainable. Our elaborate route planning generally aims at driving as few miles as possible – because every mile saved reduces costs and helps protecting the environment.

TKL/Transcare transportation network
International transportation

Extraordinarily efficient:

the TKL/Transcare transportation network

Logistics without boundaries:

international transportation

Selected system partners enable us to offer transportation services (full and partial loads, bulk) all across Europe. Choosing our partners, we put top priority on their quality level and reliability. This helps us ensure your as well as our expectations towards efficiency and sustainability are met and your products are always kept as safe as possible. Advanced refrigerated vehicles and frozen cargo trucks ensure uninterrupted cold chains.