Conscientious responsibility

Because it does make a difference

Sustainability, environmental protection

and social responsibility

Being a medium-sized Austrian company, we feel committed to sustainability in every respect and consequently regularly act in accordance with that. Our entrepreneurial activities are not designed to generate as much profits as possible. Instead, our goal is to be able to positively contribute to the national economy even tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

We pledge ourselves to social responsibility and support numerous charity organizations like for instance “Licht ins Dunkel” or “Sterntalerhof”.

We consider the environmental consequences for all our activities and investments. The considerate use of all kinds of resources as well as the continuous improvement of processes with respect to their ecological impact is a top priority for us. TKL is aware of its socio-political responsibility and puts utmost importance on sustainability and eco-friendliness in every respect:

Efficient route planning

Every extra mile driven without a reason is one too much. Our detailed route planning and spatially comprehensive transportation network enables us to ensure maximum efficiency for our customers and the environment. Our top priorities in route planning are shortest possible itineraries, best utilization of truck load capacities and avoidance of transshipment.

Advanced vehicle fleet

Our fleet of refrigerated vehicles and frozen cargo trucks is modernized on ongoing base to use technologies that facilitate low fuel consumption and thus help reducing exhaust emissions.

Green electricity and district heating

For many years already, all our sites have been supplied with green electricity. In 2016, the heat supply for our site at Wr. Neudorf was changed from gas to eco-friendly district heating. We can thus significantly reduce our CO2 emission.

Energy recovery at the sites Vienna and Salzburg:

Both sites use the waste heat generated by the refrigerated warehouse’s cooling to heat the office premises.

CO2 footprint

The CO2 footprint accounts for and records all relevant causes for emissions. A strict environmental management enables us to reduce our emissions even though the volumes delivered have increased. We achieve this e.g. through ongoing driver training on fuel-saving behavior.

E-cars (for inner city tours) / gas-driven trucks or deliveries within the city

Wherever it makes sense from an ecological and economic point of view, our vehicle fleet is increasingly switched to eco-friendly drives.