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For more than 25 years, TKL has been the specialist for frozen food logistics and temperature-controlled transportation in Austria. Continuous growth, ongoing innovations and sustainable expansions have made us become the market leader in the sector of temperature-controlled fresh & frozen food logistics.

Making use of our comprehensive transportation network, which comprises 4 goods distribution centers and 12 bases, we supply 3,800 delivery points in the trade sector and another 4,000 in the gastronomy sector all across Austria with state-of-the-art refrigerated and frozen cargo trucks. About 1,000 customers rely on TKL when it comes to overall logistics, warehousing and transportation in relation to temperature-sensitive foods.

520 employees and about 70 semitrailers and 180 multi-temperature-controlled vehicles ensure our customers are supplied with 124,000 tons of deep-frozen, 30,000 tons of fresh and 3,000 tons of dry food just in time and perfect quality every year.

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We know our business and are well-informed on our customers’ individual needs and their requirements towards logistics. Customer satisfaction is out top priority, and thus we have developed customized industry solutions. Special services related to warehouse logistics, national and international temperature-controlled transportation and all other aspects in fresh & frozen food logistics designed for the retail market, bulk consumers and food producers will convince you, too.