Welcome to TKL and Transcare!

TKL Lebensmittel Logistik

We employ 430 people at 3 sites (warehouses) and 15 transhipment points all across Austria. Together with our sister company Transcare Transport we store and deliver 124,000 tons frozen, chilled and ambient goods for the retail and catering business annually. Due to a closed network we are able to deliver even the smallest villages in alpine regions as well as our neighbouring countries by international transports.

Transcare Transport

We run a fleet of about 185 multi-temperature controlled vehicles for secondary and 50 trucks for primary distribution. We move more than 124,000 tons temperature controlled foods annually. Together with our sister company TKL Lebensmittel Logistik we count 3 warehouses (Vienna, Salzburg and Laxenburg) as well as fifteen transhipment points across Austria to our closed network. Thus we are able to use common synergies offering the best service to our clients.